Hello everyone! Last week, Makeup Revolution announced their collaboration with Sebile on social media. I was very proud and excited at the same time that a global brand like Revolution cooperated with a Turkish Youtuber. By the way, if you don’t know Sebile, she is one of the best Youtuber in Turkey. She has dozens of review and makeup videos on her youtube channel. I have been following her for almost 4 years. The day the collection was released, I ordered the Night 2 Night palette. Then, when all the palettes were discounted in ‘Black Friday’, I bought the other Day 2 Day palette. The collection includes two eyeshadow palettes and three matte liquid lipsticks.  I’ve been trying all the products for a while. So I will share all my thoughts with you in this video.


Revolution x Sebile – Day 2 Day Shadow Palette

Revolution x Sebile – Get Noticed Lipstick

Revolution x Sebile – Night 2 Night Shadow Palette

Revolution x Sebile – Venus Kiss Lipstick